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What They Are Saying
The feel and groove is there, mature vocal and guitar work
has a relaxed feel, nice tunes……….Woody Man Music New York U.S.A.

You should be very proud of this album…..Michael Messer, U.K.

A great album, favourite track is Waiting for a train…..Homesick Mac, Sweden.

A truly really great album, its on our play-list.……Radio Holstebro, Denmark.

Skillfull blues guitar, including very effective use of bottleneck
And some absolutely wonderfull blues material, makes his National sing, tremendous talent. HolmfirthLive, U.K.

DIAMOND DAC CHANLEY is a very accomplished folk blues guitarist from Huddersfield and we're delighted to showcase his style of guitar playing at this festival. - CROWN OF LIGHTS FESTIVAL 2007


 Diamond Dac and his Tyke blues hails from West Yorkshire rather than the swamplands of Louisiana.But he's become a skilled  musician with a particular talent as a picker and slide man.Dac, was inspired by blues masters like John Jackson and Louisiana Red,
          Dac performed at Keighley Blues Club. To a packed house of 200 appreciative fans Supporting the top notch South coast blues band The
Skillfull blues guitar, including very effective use of bottleneck
And some absolutely wonderfull blues material, tremendous talent.
HolmfirthLive, U.K.

Dac plays fabulous blues  tonight his show
was top drawer….…H.L U.K.


DIAMOND DAC CHANLEY is a very accomplished folk blues guitarist from Huddersfield and we're delighted to showcase his style of guitar playing at this festival. - CROWN OF LIGHTS FESTIVAL (28 Aug 2007)

Beautiful picking there, and very nicely recorded!
L.C.....solo bluesman, duo with Jumpster, and leader of the band KickAss.
Lewis cohen (16 Oct 2007)

Another foray into acoustic blues was served up by Diamond Dac Charnley, authentic guitar and vocal style is always a delight to hear, especially on classics such as ‘C C Rider.’ to the delight of the audience, who were being treated to a demonstration of just how versatile the guitar is when played well….

Niel Diffey....Jazz guitarist and Jazz & Blues Club entrepenour. (7 Dec 2007)

Diamond Dac followed and as always he gave us more than our monies worth. Great blues guitar, wonderful interpretation of traditional American country blues from the very best of that genre. His set was rather disrupted by a long line of young ladies passing through from downstairs. However Dac is a true performer and was totally unphased.
Ged.......of H.L. (15 Dec 2007)

Many thanks to you and your accompanying musicians for performing at LiveSpace. It was fab to get to hear you live. It was a great night and your performance was top notch!
Jude ( LiveSpace ) 2008

Album OLD ROOTS - Album Review By Michael Packer.WINDMILL MUSIC - U.S.A.
Very authentic sounding the vocals were good and all powerful performances‘. Really interesting guitar licks that I didn't expect
The opening track sets the tone for the album. 'Can't Get That Stuff No More' displays some simply amazing guitars and the vocal harmony makes this album a very enjoyable listen.
My favourite track is, 'Crow Blues', very well done. Nice choice of songs And You guys tore it up on 'Blues Before Sunrise'.
There isn't a bad cut on this album. I completely enjoyed this C.D.It was a pleasure to listen to. …………………. Michael Packer.Windmill Music September 2009

Got These Blues, by Diamond Dac…Album. extracts from Review by Jim Murdoch, for full review see DiamondDacCharnley on Myspace

I like this CD. Diamond Dac’s debut solo album is blues music, pure and simple. What you see on the box is what you get inside, one man and a guitar a guy singing and playing traditional acoustic blues.
Got These Blues, this a light pacey number with Dac playing a nice straight picking style, you really get the feeling that he’s having a good time playing this one.
Saint James Infirmary Dac’s version relates the misery of a poor old gambler dealing with the loss of his girlfriend in true melancholic style, the acute listener, such as Yours Truly, will also notice Dac a’substitootin’ the odd line here and there to suit his own purposes.
Every Day Of The Week is another light-hearted number and, if you’ll forgive the pun, you feel that there’s maybe a good bit of resonance with the man here. But we don’t want to go into Dac’s past right here and now, do we? Played on a twelve-string, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re hearing a honky-tonk piano at some points, plenty of gusto and some snappy playing too.
Betty , and Dupree track 4, this is first outing for the National Steel, which sounds fabulous just being picked,
Death Letter Blues, there’s a lovely slide break on this track, 1935 National Steel again.
Keys To The Highway sees Dac back with his conventional six-string; a ‘Dave King small body mahogany and cedar instrument’. This is a very traditionally formatted blues tune, which Dac plays in a classic picking style. . It’s true blues!
See See Rider is just a lovely track, kind of makes you want to go down to your local marshalling yard and hop on a Freightliner
Desert Blues precedes Waiting For A Train, which has a nice traditional feel played on a twelve-string with a soft thumb-picked (I think) riff. It has an easy loping feel, once again we hear Dac singing about the problems of dealing with synchronous multiple relationships with women. Good job I’m not a psychologist…
Waiting For A Train is in fact about hopping in and out of boxcars, If you listen to the track properly, poor ol’ Dac is still waiting for his train at the end of the tune – and it’s raining… Got those blues, or what?
Trouble In Mind, but is lifted with the immortal line “The sun’s gonna shine on my back door some day.” Dac’s playing the brass body resophonic guitar here, it sounds great throughout, you can really feel Dac’s relaxed mood and enjoyment on this one.
Rambling On My Mind, the sleeve notes tell us this Dac’s all-time favourite Robert Johnson song, and it shows. Playing his, dare I say, ‘antique’ National Steel, this tune kicks off with some very stylish ‘ reversed raked rasquedo,s brushed’ strumming going on, it’s a wonderfully authentic sound.
Anywhere You Go winds up the album and it’s probably my favourite track out of this collection. I think it has Dac as his best, he plays some very nice slide lead, it’s sure-footed everywhere and the voice sits very easily on the beat.
In conclusion then, this is an album that delivers straight blues music in a pure and simple form. Diamond Dac Charnley is a skilled and honest exponent of the art of acoustic blues slide and picking, I think the beauty of Dac’s playing; his choice of tracks and the simple production style Dac’s self-imposed demand for authenticity – like you gotta sing and play simultaneously -makes this an album that will appeal to a wide range of people and not just blues aficionados. this album, which is as close to live as you can get.

By the way, go and hear Dac play live, it sounds like this album, but better and you get the twinkling eye-ed Charnley charm thrown in for free!
Jim Murdoch...Album Reviewer. (27 Jan 2008)