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Woody Mann.

World famous legendary performer and leading teacher and authority on traditional blues music.....Woody Mann is the man.

National Guitars

Makers of the world famous Reso-phonic instruments...a great range of guitars and ukuleles, brass, steel and wood.

World Resophonic Association

Strictly for lovers and players of resophonic instruments

Mary Flower

A wonderfull Lady, great blues player, superb singer, cool dresser

Tom Doughty

Utter genious on lapsteel with a unique style and hauntingly bluesy vocals

Michael Messer

Master slide guitarist with totally clean tone and a real nice guy, loves to groove and jam all night long

Diamond Bottlenecks

Ian Mcwee and his team makers of glass guitar slides...Tried em all, these are Simply The Best, and will make to measure.

Eagle Music

Friendly family business good service with a cup of coffee. Top master dealer in U.K. for Deering banjos.

Mike Dowling

Pure genious, sophisticated guitar work


The best guitar shop in the North of England. Near Liverpool, Big range of acoustics, specialises in American and vintage.

Rimshot Studios

Everything you need...World Class Equipment...Rural location...Top class expertise

Dave King...Luthier

Specialises in building fine quality small bodied parlour guitars, with extreme attention to detail.......go see him...

GUPTILL MUSIC...Fingerpicks

The best fingerpicks in the world.......Specials for Resonator and Banjo.


Brian Bedford Ex Artisan, and his wife Jacey run this very friendly and homely studio specialising in recording acoustic music, country location, easy parking.


Dynamically intergrated duo from the North Western flatlands of England, with Cool fingerpicking from Chris ( Gucci ) Grimes and great slide work from Richard ( Slippy fingers ) Senior, very smooth vocals and clever arrangements of old blues classics. Individually, both great players,....Together absolutely MAGIC.


The Mother of all Blueslinks.