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See how fun & easy teaching yourself to play guitar really is with the help of 
Online guitar lessons  

Acoustic Guitar Methods gives you the tools you need to be an acoustic guitarist.The information in the course covers both finger style guitar & playing with a pick plus there is something for all level of guitarists. learn finger picking  we'll give you all the tools necessary to perfect the technique of finger picking without tearing your hair out with frustration during the learning process!

Jazz Guitar Techniques Use the smooth tones, soulful yet funky rhythms of jazz guitar to breathe tremendous dexterity, strength & agility into your guitar playing..Jazz courses are scarce on the market today but with Jazz Guitar Techniques you will learn the exact technique to master the art of jazz guitar.
Total Blues Guitar Blues guitar is one of the most intriguing and interesting genres that is out there. It has a rich history, interesting people and a way of expressing emotion unlike any other style of music.

Dynamic Soloing ConceptsIt can be frustrating when you hear a guitarist making sense of all their notes, making their solo come alive and sound as if their solo is ‘speaking’ to you.You try it and it just doesn’t sound the same.You’re not alone because soloing is a topic most intermediate to advanced players just can’t seem to get right.We will unlock the mystery of soloing so you can have a never-ending supply of ideas to keep your solos fresh with the use of the ‘Dynamic Soloing Concepts’ members area.