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Grab your free copy of "7 Steps to Success on the Guitar" today! A full 21 pages packed with useful information and advice to get your guitar playing started off on the right foot - and it's all free! (For a limited time)
You'll learn these strategies and tips:

check small 20 21 How to make the one key decision that can make or break your success

check small 20 21 8 basic things you need to know about your guitar

check small 20 21Which specific chords you must learn first...and why

check small 20 21 An approach to strumming that will make this crucial skill much easier

check small 20 21 How learning shapes and patterns will speed your learning

check small 20 21A common mistake to avoid like the plague, and the one approach that's proven to work

check small 20 21 4 practical tips to get more fun and enjoyment from your playing

Plus - You'll receive an exclusive subscription to our guitar players newsletter which includes

check small 20 21Getting started tutorials check small 20 21Free video lessons Guitar tips, tricks & shortcuts check small 20 21Video lead guitar "Cool Licks" check small 20 21Videos on how to play songs, intros, progressions and riffs check small 20 21and much more!

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