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Born and raised on a lonely hill farm in the West Yorkshire Pennines, grew up listening to American roots on an old crystal radio with the earth cable lashed to the waterpipe 

ALWAYS BEEN OBSESSED BY THE MUSIC and a real passion for playing. Dac has learnt directly from the old masters including John Jackson, Louisiana Red,
Philadelphia Jerry Ricks and John Cephas. Also has studied with other great modern performers including Woody Mann,
Mike Dowling, John Miller and Michael Messer.
Dac is an adept picker and funky slide man. He is a founder associate member of the European blues association, and member of the blues foundation.
RECORDED by Sanctuary Archive in 2004. for Stamstock compilation album.
Featured Solo artist on the Resophonic players of Europe 2005 album.
DAC,s ALBUM, GOT THESE BLUES, has been well recieved, featured on European, Australian, and American Radio. New album Lonesome Road, to be released this summer. Dac is available for Festivals, Concerts, Theaters, Pub Gigs, Housepartys, Workshops, Semminars, and private tuition.
also available as a duo

MY MUSICAL LIFE... interview with H.L

1. How did you get involved with Holmfirth Live? Steve Noon of Eagle music, told me about this cool little cellar in Holmfirth that hostedA great open mic……..so I went for a look and found a great bunch of friendly players,Run very efficiently by Ged Faricy who is a Mississippi John Hurt Fan.
2. What age did you start to play an instrument and what was it? Do you play any other instruments now?
At sixteen I learned a few chords, and jammed with a couple of bands, .The Fugatives, and the BobCats
then work, business, life, women, marriage, and children, took over and I did not touch a guitar for over twenty years and two divorces later, I decided to go back to my first love, Music.I set about learning finger picking blues with an obsessional passion, traveling anywhere and everywhere, all over the British Isles, Europe, and the U.S.A. to listen, watch, and learn from.Studying face to face with the old masters including John Jackson, Louisiana Red,
Philadelphia Jerry Ricks and John Cephas. And with other great modern performers including Woody Mann, Mike Dowling, John Miller and Michael Messer. I now play six string wood guitar, twelve string, reso-phonic guitar, Banjo, Harmonicas, and Mandolin.

3. What was your first record ever bought and what is your latest purchase or download?
Staggolee……on old 78 record…………early 60,sYou Don,t Know My Mind………..Big Phil Thorne…………yesterday.

4. What is your earliest or your most prominent musical memory or 'moment'?
As a child beeing fascinated with a toy banjo,and listening to music radio stations on my crystal set…….Hearing “Big Road Blues” on a sratchy old record by Roosavelt Holts

5. What song do you most wish you had written and why?There is just so many, I am constantly digging up really old obscure songs. That I just love.All the songs I do I can relate to, or its personal in some way, and I always think to myselfWow I wish I had written that one.The best writers are the ones that do not waste words, tell a story, and make every word Conjure up a whole new picture, twist or turn of events.
6. First music concert attended and who have you seen play most recently?My mother took me as a child to see The King Brothers. In the last few weeks…….Cartouche, Mike Dowling, Tom Doughty, and Book End Blues.

7. If you could pick any one artist or group, who means the most to you, who would it be and why?I have a great many artists that are in this catergory but the top few would includeWoody Mann, Home sick Mac,The late Steve Wallace, Big Phil, Michael messer and the banjo lady. For their generosity, time, shareing of in depth knowledge, late night discussions, long jams, and tons of help and encouragement.
8. What are your top 5 'Desert Island' discs?Well Ged had six so I,me having seven.
1. Charlie Patton, complete recordings1929-19342.
2. The Essential Country blues Collection, boxed set compiled by Woody Mann.
3. The Definative Blind Willie McTell, boxed set.
4. Blind Willie Johnson, Soul Of A Man.
5. Get Your Yas Yas Out, Blind Boy Fuller.
6. Bottles Knifes And Steel, The Slide Guitar, compilation.
7. Son House.Live At The Gaslight Café, N.Y.C. Jan 3 1965.
Cos this gives me over three hundred of some of the best songs and tunes from the original artists,Which would just about fill a desert Island day from early dawn ---till the Sundown dusk.
9. As a performer, what aims or ambitions might you have for your own musical future?
I just love to play, whether on my own in a darkened room, or for a few friends, open mic, pub, concert,Festival, or jam session. Play more Gigs, Play more Gigs, Play more Gigs.